Hi my name is Lilah!

With over a decade of experience in the makeup industry my passion is natural beauty makeup to enhance your individual features.

Jumpstarting my career by studying at one of Australia’s leading makeup schools, ACMUSE, in Sydney I completed a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services. I then trained internationally where I learned advanced beauty & corrective makeup for print, bridal and productions from legendary makeup artist Donna Mee in LA. It was here that my attention to detail and career started to flourish.

I have had the privilege to collaborate with incredible clients and teams on film sets, television, fashion shows, editorial campaigns and many wonderful weddings. A continued theme across my work is to create looks that enhances individuals features, paying attention to detail of their overall look and style, while focusing on how it reads/looks in person and on camera while bringing the right vibe and energy to the room.

Highlights for me have included being a part of the makeup teams for Great Gatsby & Wolverine films; working on Mercedes-Benz fashion Week; being featured in Hello May, Professional Beauty, Makeup Artist Magazine and all of the editorial campaigns I have been a part of.

Having the honour of winning awards such as Brides Choice Awards, Face to Face Beauty Editorial & the International Makeup Artist Trade Show Fashion Award have been truly humbling.

But my true passion, and what excites me, is seeing the empowerment that makeup can bring when a person’s natural beauty is enhanced. 


From getting that look just right for your features and style, to reminding you to breathe on your wedding day.

Helping you learn skills to create looks that work for you and your natural beauty now and into the future.

Creating the perfect look for your big event or collaborating with a team to make the shoot or film come together.

For me it’s not just about makeup. It’s about collaborating and working with all the people involved to help make the vision come to life.

Wedding make up artist Lilah Gow Wedding Makeup Canberra